Our response to COVID 19 Our response to COVID 19

A message to our Destination Hostels family:

At Destination Hostels, we take the well-being of our guests seriously and we want to ensure that our staff and visitors are provided with a safe environment in terms of comfort and hygiene.

We are like a big family and we are here to make sure that we give you the best experience and service possible in all our hostels, so you can enjoy your stay fully like a home away from home.

We know that these difficult times are quite exceptional and we hope that this will give you the reassurance to come and see us in our beautiful Lisbon and in all Destination Hostels to enjoy your holidays.

That is why, in regards to Covid-19, we reinforced our procedures to ensure health and safety standards are met, following the recommendation of the Portuguese Health Organization (DGS) and WHO.

Your favorite meal of the day :D! Because buffets are no longer recommended, we will offer to the guests who booked prior Covid-19, a “Grab & Go” pack. That way, you can still benefit from a nice breakfast snack to start your day. But no worries, we have also adopted our breakfast menus “A La Carte” for those who booked after Covid-19 with offers that fit all budgets.

Check-in and Check.out
We are applying a minimum period of air renovation in the rooms between guests checking-out and new guests checking-in. So, check-out time is now 10am and check-in time is 4pm.

The shared kitchen areas are now limited to access in certain time slots and restricted to basic use for fridge and microwave. The good side of this is, you can still cook, but not anytime you wish (for example when you come back after a late night out 🙂 ).

Social distance
And finally, still in accordance to DGS, we have limited the capacity of our common areas to ensure 2 or more meters between people.

Yep, we have some shared dorms and bunked beds like any hostel but at Destination Hostels we guarantee spacing between heads greater than 2 meters as advised by the DGS and WHO rules for social distancing.

At Destination Hostels our rooms have actually the best ratio of m2 per guest. No kidding! On average, every guest has 12m2 per person.

Cleaning and Hygiene
Face masks are recommended in the common areas.

It is recommended to frequently wash your hands every time you enter the hostels and whenever necessary.

The cleaning of all common areas is carried out several times during the day.

Very soon we will introduce at check-in a procedure to clean your luggage from any traces of virus and bacterias with a hot dry steam desinfecter.

We know, we are kinda excited to try this too!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff for more information.

Wishing you all a good health and an amazing stay at Destination Hostels.

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